Custom Inquiries

A Crown As Unique As You

If you have a vision and need help bringing it to life, our customizing process is perfect for you.

Handmade gold crown with pearls and rubies on a black background

Work one on one with our designer to create the headpiece of your dreams.  You will be directly connected and communicating with her throughout the entire design process, until the desired outcome is achieved.

Due to high demand, custom prices start at $850.00 USD, and increase depending on quality of materials and intricacy of design.

The timeline for a custom piece ranges from 4-6 weeks,
depending on communication and availability of materials.

Silhouette of a woman holding a handmade crown

If you wish to pursue a custom design, please express your interest in an email to


  • You will receive a Custom Questionnaire to fill out, consisting of basic questions to help us better understand the overall vision you have.  
  • To expedite the design process, if you have a Pinterest or vision board with art and designs that inspired your vision, you are encouraged to send it as well.  
  • We will use all of these tools to create 1-3 mock up headpieces, and promptly send photographs to you for your critique.  The more detailed the critique, the more accurate we can begin to build your vision.  
  • Include what you like and dislike about each piece, and if there are certain elements you want to see combined in the next batch of mock ups.  
  • This process of create/photograph/critique continues until you are satisfied with the end result, and once payment is received in full, the crown is expedited to its new home.  
  • Upon arrival, if minor adjustments need to be made for fit, return postage is paid by customer.  However, after modifications, we will resend the custom piece for no additional charge.

Custom pieces are nonrefundable.