About Us

A Truly Customized Bridal Experience

Woman wearing antique gold Cassiopeia bridal crown in nature

AMAROQ Design breathes life into you bridal and costume visions.  We create one-of-a-kind custom headpieces for every extravagant occasion, using sustainably sourced materials from all over the world.

Each crown is hand-made by our designer Kate Thompson.  Along her travels, Kate collects eccentric trinkets, gems, findings and filigree and brings them back to her studio in Los Angeles where the magic begins.

All crowns in the online store are existing designs that can be made within 7-10 of the order being placed.  We can also rush a crown if time is of the essence.  As each piece is made from scratch, small customizations are easy to accommodate.  For rhinestone, crystal or pearl requests, or to inquire about a base metal that isn't listed on the website, please email Kate directly at amaroqdesign@gmail.com

Kate started her career as a designer while earning her BFA at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.  She had grown up in the forests of Northern California, constantly creating art from the beautiful nature surrounding her.  When she was young, she knew her calling in life would be somewhere in the arts and the wild natural world that always pulled her seeking heart towards it.  Halfway through her education, she begin designing costumes and wearable art for a vaudeville cirque out of downtown LA.  Her designs caught the eye of Ke$ha, Beyonce, Cher and many amongst the Hollywood elite.  She worked in the costume industry for years before making a single headpiece for an actress's wedding, and her entire career trajectory changed... realizing how many people out there wanted something slightly more unconventional for their nuptials, she found herself transitioning into headpieces and novelty bridal items for the most imaginative, inspiring collective community... and that's you!