Wedding Veil or Bridal Crown... Why Not Both?

You found the perfect man. ✔️
You booked a gorgeous venue. ✔️
You found the dress of your dreams... but you're torn on how to style it.

frustrated bride

With so many bridal accessories to choose from, making a decision can feel completely overwhelming.  Does the suspenseful reveal from behind a delicate veil make your heart swoon?  Or do you live to turn heads in a sparkling bridal crown?  While each adornment creates a romantic statement by itself, combining the two accessories is quickly becoming a top wedding trend.

We've compiled our favorite veil and crown combinations below to show just how versatile and breath-taking these two traditional accessories become when married together.  

Let the wind carry you away with this dramatic cathedral veil and silver headpiece pairing.  The blue sapphires and moonstones in our Selene crown add an ethereal glow to this loose updo, and the soft tulle veil makes each crystal sparkle extra bright behind a sky of white.

woman in wedding dress with long cathedral veil and bridal headpiece with crystals
Shot by Pepper Nix in a gown by Betsy Couture at 4URanch.  Florals by Wishblossom Flowers

 Some brides ditch the veil hair clip and gently place their cathedral veils directly over the bridal crown or headpiece, just like beautiful bride Filomena decided to do for her wedding.  Her gold Amaroq crown poked through the veil, creating a stunning silhouette reminiscent of a Medieval princess.

beautiful bride in wedding gown and cathedral veil with gold amaroq bridal headpiece crown
Beautiful bride Filomena shot by Fox and Hare Photography

Many brides choose a shorter veil to pair with their headpiece, but just because it's lacking in length doesn't mean it lacks in impact.  Ashley donned a sequined peeper veil with an Amaroq Kanchana crown for her moody Mount Hood nuptials, and the results were straight out of a romance novel.
bride in short peep veil and wedding gown with amaroq gold headpiece crown
Ashley shot by Naba Zabih

Choosing to wear both a crown and veil also allows for more photo-ops, and an easy, inexpensive outfit change.  Lose the veil, and now that stunning headpiece is the center of the room.  Once the veil is off your head, it creates some great opportunities for romantic portraits with your partner.
groom with his bride wearing a gold crown embracing under her veil on their wedding day
Kenna and Kevin shot by Savannah Rae Photography

And lets face it, it creates some great self portraits as well.
bride in wedding gown and amaroq crown with long veil
Shot by JMay Photography in Betsy Couture Gown

All in all, you really can't lose with this winning combination.  There are so many different ways to style them together, but most importantly its guaranteed to make you feel like the goddess you are--inside and out.